Keiki-Club west is run by Candace Silvey of Crooked Nest.  Candace was introduced to me by the incredible Nell Henderson - the same Nell Henderson that explained to me what a Keiki is.  I've played with the idea of holding meet ups in different cities, but it wasn't until Candace showed such enthusiasm about the project that it finally became a reality.  The first meet up will be on May 1st at Terrific Street in San Fransisco!  Sign up below.

Candace Silvey, a fifth generation San Franciscan, revels in the joy of the California landscape in all of its colors and diverse flora and fauna.  With many years of observing and experimenting in gardens up and down the California coast, the true love that she has for the state shines through in her designs.  Candace studied Architecture at the University of Colorado, Boulder and Taliesin West.