The Keiki Team has grown!

Elena Seegers has participated in Keiki Club since it's inaugural meeting and has been collaborating with Aviva on different press and zine endeavors ever since. She'll now be splitting the behind the scenes with Aviva, and co-hosting the East-coast club starting this spring!

As an avid plant person, she's fascinated by the botanical world and it's condition within the contemporary metropolis. Peer to peer knowledge and non commercial plant exchange, not to mention lovely people and a glass of wine, are many of her favorite things. 

Elena is co-founder of, a carefully sourced botanical creative agency. 

Aviva Rowley is the founder of Keiki-Club. When she's not busy taming her apartment jungle, she's spending her time playing with clay, crafting handmade ceramic art pieces and decorative vessels to house plants and flowers, you can see them here at Wet Vessels. Nothing brings her greater pleasure than nurturing the culture of horticulture.